English for children from 8 years old


Ben&Brenda are two superheroes who will take the students on loads of adventures that help them with their reading and listening skills in stories adapted to their age. 

Course objectives:

During the course, the eight-year-olds will learn to polish everything they’ve been working on in previous stages. They will follow the adventures of the superheroes Ben&Brenda through comics, an appealing format that helps with reading as there are fewer words and the images help them to better understand the story. They will be able to form more complicated sentences with more complex grammar structures and a richer range of vocabulary. They will correctly use the majority of pronouns in English, be capable of inventing rhymes, identifying the distinct parts of a sentence and expressing themselves more clearly.  

Class length:

90 minutes, once per week.

Number of students per class:

8 students per class.

Reading and writing while still listening and speaking:

From eight years old, writing in English is added to the oral interaction that we work on in class. In this way, the students start reading and writing at the moment when they are ready to read and understand texts that are suitable for their age and also to write down their own ideas clearly. 

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  • Kids&Us Ben&Brenda student class
  • Kids&Us Ben&Brenda student class
  • Kids&Us Ben&Brenda student class
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