English for children from 9 years old

Animal Planet 1

Alex and her family travel in a caravan all over the world, rescuing and saving animals in danger of extinction.  Her father is a photographer, and her mother is a vet. Together they will inspire nine-year-olds to better care for the planet, while learning to talk about nature in English.

Course objectives:

The time has come to learn how to form longer sentences with richer and more precise vocabulary. We also go into greater depth with key English grammar, through specific experiences and situations which hold the student’s interest while helping them learn formulas for creating more fluid and cohesive speech. Throughout the course, thanks to Alexandra and her adventure-filled life, the students will learn new vocabulary related to nature, animals and caring for the planet. They will read longer texts and will perfect their oral communication with short dialogues and very useful phrases for everyday life.  

Class length:

1 hour, twice per week.

Number of students per class:

8 students per class.

Animals or grammar?

Talking about exotic animals, learning their names in English and how and where they live is a fun way to learn English almost without realising. The students stay motivated throughout the classes and when it’s time to do their online homework to continue learning English comfortably from home. 

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  • Kids&Us Animal Planet 1 student class
  • Kids&Us Animal Planet 1 student class
  • Kids&Us Animal Planet 1 student class
  • Kids&Us Animal Planet 1 student class
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