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Activities to do with children from 9 to 11 years old at home

Published 06/04/2020 by Kids&Us
Week 2
Week 1

At Kids&Us we want your children to stay in contact with English at home! That’s why we’ve created a content series that we want to share with all of our families called Stay at Home. Crafts, videos, songs, dance moves, recipes and various activities in English for children. We’re making everything we think could help to make these activities more readily available to the public. 

We would like to do our small part to help make this situation as bearable as possible. These are tough times, but in the cases where mothers and fathers are at home with their children, they also give us a unique opportunity.

Every week we’ll share new ideas that include planned activities for the following days. We hope it helps!

Songs and dances in English for each moment of the day to make your routine fun

Singing makes everything better! We want to give you songs to make your routines more fun and to help you learn healthy habits which are so important nowadays, in a light-hearted way. Specifically, these are listening activities for children in English that will help them learn every day.

Song in English for children: “Essentially Us”

Over the years, we’ve refined our essence and we’ve given shape to what is a very unique way of learning English, based on natural methods, which adapts to the growth and development of our students and helps them live up to their full potential.

At Kids&Us the babies feel in English, the children play in English, the teens get inspired in English, and the young adults think in English. They have the potential and we have the formula: The English Formula. Sing our children’s song in English with us: “Essentially Us”!

Listen to the song here.

Here are the words.

Song in English for children: “Fuel it!”

All superheroes speak English. Do you? Super English yourself! Put on your cape and turn into whoever you want to be; turn into a superhero! With English you’ll go far. Let your potential flow and fuel your dreams. Let’s sing the children’s song in English “Fuel it!”

Listen to the song here.

Here are the words.

Dance moves: “Your tribe”

Last week we learned the song “Your tribe”, so now it’s time to dance! Don’t miss these dance moves from Body Percussion for the song “Your tribe speaks English”, from the 2015-16 Kids&Us campaign by Santi Serratosa. Shall we dance together as a family?

Watch the video for the song here. 

Here are the words.

Children’s song in English: Speak in Colours

Now that you know the Paint the World dance, it’s time to learn the lyrics! This song is part of our Speak in Colours campaign. Theis campaign is all about the 4 basic Kids&Us colours, turquoise- the colour of communication; apple green – the colour of growth and life; black – the colour of protection; and magenta, the colour of life.

Immerse yourself in the Speak in Colours universe by listening to this song

Children’s song in English: Your tribe

At Kids&Us we have a mission. It’s to let all the girls and boys in the world join the big tribe that humanity has become. This tribe is multi-faceted and diverse. It’s also united through a language, English, which makes communication and comprehension possible. Join our tribe with this song in English for boys and girls.

Listen to the song here

Children’s song in English: Wings of learning

Life is a journey that begins when we’re born. English is our ticket to go far- it gives us wings so we can achieve whatever we want. Go ahead and sing the song: Wings of learning. Grow, walk, fly!

Listen to the song here.

Children’s song in English: This World is your Stage

At Kids&Us we like to imagine the world as a stage where children can can work on their best performances. The song This World is your Stage aims to inspire children and their parents with the concept that they should create their own story, be the directors of their own movie, that it’s their life. Shall we listen and dream together?

You can also sing along with the lyrics!

Listen to the song here.

Let’s dance to Paint the World

Let’s dance for a world of colour and fun! Dance and sing the song: Paint the World in English with your children. It’s full of positive energy and fantasy.

Watch the video with the dance moves here.

Cooking activities and crafts for children from 9 to 11 years old

giving you easy recipes for healthy food that you can make as a family, and crafts for children from 9 to 11 years old. You’ll need some materials that you most likely already have around the house. Are you in?

Cooking with children: couscous with peas

Of Arabic origin and made from wheat semolina, couscous is an excellent option for children as an entrée or a side dish with meat or fish. There are many possible combinations. We’re suggesting this one with peas so that the children learn to eat everything. A healthy recipe to make with children.

Download the recipe here. 

Cooking with children: Mini cheesecakes

One of the most emblematic and traditional desserts, but in a mini version that children will love. And you can even put coloured sprinkles on top to make them look decorated and cheerful. This easy recipe is perfect to make with the whole family.

Download the recipe here. 

Make sushi for Kids

These days at home gives us the chance to try new things. Why not try making sushi for kids? We’re giving you one of the easiest, most entertaining activities to do in the kitchen for boys and girls. You’ll discover new flavours together with your children.

Download the recipe here

Cooking with children: peanut butter and chocolate squares

We deserve a proper snack! These squares made from peanut butter and chocolate are tasty and we’re sure the whole family will like them. Perfect snack to make with children. 

Download the recipe here

Cooking with children - making delicious hummus with vegetables

A fun and healthy way to eat vegetables and legumes. Take a chance on this hummus recipe with garbanzo beans, carrots, toothpicks, and bread. It’s an ideal recipe to make with children!

Download the recipe here

Cooking with children – a tasty egg salad sandwich

It’s important to maintain healthy eating habits at home these days, so we are recommending this egg salad sandwich recipe. It is light and nutritious and has protein and vitamins.

Download the recipe here.

Crafts with paper for children

Decorating Easter eggs

Today we are doing a class to give you original, creative ideas to decorate your Easter eggs and have them ready for Easter week. You can personalise them however you like and give them a special touch.  

Do you know where the Easter egg tradition comes from? It is part of the Anglo-Saxon celebrations that represent new life and the start of spring. In the 19th century the tradition of decorating the eggs and making them out of chocolate began.

Watch the egg decorating tutorial. 

Easter basket with recycled bottles

And where will you keep the Easter eggs? In the basket we’ll make with recycled bottles! Easter baskets are special baskets used in Easter celebrations. They’re usually filled with Easter eggs, food, toys or other small presents. Try out this craft for children with recycled materials! 

Watch the tutorial on how to make an Easter basket.

Turn yourself into a treasure hunter

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a treasure hunter? You’ll need the hat!  Let’s make one at home and pretend to find incredible lost treasures. We like crafts with paint and stationary so much! Easy and fast!

Watch the tutorial on how to make the hat.

Draw a beach mural

Since we can’t go out these days, we’re going to make a beach mural at home! You’ll need something to colour with, paint and brushes, glue…and any other accessories you want. Are we going to see any crabs on your beach?

Watch the tutorial on how to create a beach mural.

Make your robot costume

Let’s make a robot costume out of paper and recycled materials. It’s easy and you can use it to make up a thousand and one adventures! Let’s keep the children active with creative activities in English.

Watch this tutorial to make the costume. 

Circus acrobats

Do you like the circus? We’re going to make circus acrobats with paper! You can customize them however you like and they’ll be ready to do any kind of acrobatics that you can imagine in your circus.

Watch the tutorial on creating acrobats.

Cartoons in English for children from 9 to 11 years old

Follow the adventures of SuperKids, so your children can review and solidify vocabulary and grammar in English in a light-hearted and fun way. Who said cartoons can’t be educational?  

SuperKids: The cat video

Our SuperKids have discovered that a boy is mistreating a poor little kitten and they’ll try to save it with their superpowers. Do you think they’ll be able to? Don’t miss a new episode of these little superheroes!

Watch the SuperKids episode here. 

SuperKids: First Mission video

We are offering you a new episode of SuperKids, our children’s cartoon in English. Today the Superkids are using their superpowers to help people. Will you go with them on their first mission?

Watch the SuperKids episode here.

SuperKids: SuperHero School video

The most mischievous SuperKids want to become superheroes, but they can only do it if they behave well. Will they be able to? Don’t miss the new episode of these great cartoons to learn English.

Watch the episode of SuperKids here

SuperKids: Super Powers video

On this episode of SuperKids, we’ll find out how they practise using their superpowers: incredible strength, the ability to fly, and more! What about you? What superpowers do you have?  

Watch the episode of SuperKids here.

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