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In the Summer Readers, discover the new adventure of Frankie Fickle

Published 11/06/2019 by Kids&Us

The various collections of Kids&Us books keep growing. In fact, a new member has been born into the Many Monsters family of our Summer Readers 

Today, we are in luck! The Many Monsters collection, for children ages 3 to 5 years old, add its third book to the series. We have already met Nori Nosy and Welsey Wimp, and now Frankie Fickle has arrived! 

Frankie is a small, very glamorous monster who dedicates himself to creating the latest trendy hairstyles in his hairdresser’s. However, sometimes he imagines himself doing other types of jobs, such as being an astronaut, a fireman or a rock star.  

Readers will learn vocabulary related to professions, as well as the objects needed for each job. 

Similar to the previous books in the Many Monsters collection, Frankie Fickle includes some surprises, such as stickers, and a magnifying glass to find hidden objects. In addition, the book is printed with special ink so that an audio version of the story can be heard with the use of the Talking Pen. 

Enjoy the summer with Frankie Fickle! You can get your copy at your Kids&Us school. 

Enjoy the summer with Frankie Fickle
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