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We are digitalising our method to guarantee our courses continuity no matter the situation

Published 23/07/2020 by Kids&Us

At Kids&Us we have digitalised our innovative method of learning English for children from 1 to 18 years old with the aim of helping them learn the language in any situation. 

The Kids&Us students will learn English whatever the environment. And as the Operations Manager of Kids&Us, Mireia Casas, says, "we have prepared ourselves to face any situation, from following the course with total normality to living with periods of intermittent lockdown, so that all our students, from Mousy to the last course of Teens, can continue learning English in a natural way from home with exclusive contents and online classes, if necessary". 

We have taken a turn, and have adapted both the technology used and the learning experience itself to each age group, and we guarantee an immersive experience whether in a classroom environment or online, if necessary. We have digitalised the method without straying from our essence: the reproduction of the natural process of mother tongue acquisition with an immersive, unique and proven method. 

Learning English in the classroom safely 

Kids&Us schools have also adapted to the safety and hygiene measures recommended by the health authorities and required by the situation we are living in, in order to offer maximum safety guarantees. The students' safety has been a priority in the definition of the new course. Therefore, at Kids&Us we have worked on the creation of an environment that complies with all the recommended safety measures.  

A protocol has been established for the disinfection of spaces and staggered entrances and exits. With these measures we will make our classrooms safe spaces for families, students and workers. 

“A New Twist”, an innovative campaign 

"A New Twist" is the name of the new campaign that introduces the Kids&Us twist and highlights the flexibility of its method, which adapts to the global educational scenario while maintaining the essence that has always distinguished our methodology.  

As always, we would like to thank our students and their families for their wonderful willingness to participate in our new campaign. The shooting of the ad and the photo sessions took place during the month of November. Once again, the protagonists of our campaign are the Kids&Us students.  

Kids&Us new course
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