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What is Summer Fun?

Summer Fun programmes are urban day camps that offer children fun-packed adventures doing activities in English. They consist of entertaining and enriching experiences based on real-life situations, conducted entirely in English.

Summer Fun programmes are run in facilities outside Kids&Us schools, in schools and sports centres. They last the whole day. Please consult our English Summer Fun schedule for specific locations.

What are the goals?

Every week children embark on a new and enticing adventure, featuring lots of different activities, to be immersed in the world of the characters and stories that we work on in the Summer Fun. Summer Fun has  the following goals:

  • Immerse children in English to improve overall understanding
  • Consolidate and internalise new structures and vocabulary
  • Create situations whereby children can put their previous knowledge of English into practice, all within the context of fun and games

What does it involve?

Each week we set sail to a new world through a collection of stories based on different themes, created especially to facilitate and accelerate language acquisition.

  • Storytime: storytelling is an essential part of learning a language. The stories have been developed for the different age groups. They provide the opportunity to learn new structures and vocabulary in context. At the Summer Fun, children will tell stories, learn them, watch them being performed and perform them.
  • Song and Dance Time: children will learn songs and choreographed dances that have been created for each topic and then adapted for the different age groups.
  • Crafts: children will do craft activities so that they can unleash their artistic genius, by making masks, costumes and animal figures. The craft activities will be based on the particular topic being worked on.
  • Monitored Games: Let's play! Children will do games and activities that promote psychometric skills, designed to encourage teamwork. The children will learn to share, take turns and so on.
  • Free play: there will be time for child-directed play when children can let their imaginations run wild as they invent their own games and interact together.
  • Lunchtime: sitting down for a meal provides a great opportunity for children to learn vocabulary and expressions related to meal times. This time of the day is repeated every day of the week and it will be used to encourage children to learn a whole host of structures and vocabulary.
  • Staff performance: our activity leaders become actors for a short time each day. Children love seeing their activity leaders bring the different characters to life. The staff performance consists of small instalments performed each day, which make up the whole play over the course of the week. The children have no trouble in following the play, and even get to take part.
  • Trips: Where are we going this week? The children have a fantastic time on a short outing each week.
  • And on Fridays, it's party time! At the end of each themed week, the doors are opened to the parents, who are invited to come and see for themselves what their children have learned over the week: dances, songs and all the other activities in English.

General information

  • Children's age: this activity is designed for 3 to 12 year-olds.
  • Organisation of groups: children are divided into age groups for 3 to 4-year-olds, 5 to 6-year-olds, 7 to 9-year-olds and 10 to 12-year-olds.
  • Number of children per group: 10 children per group at most and one teacher. There is also one camp coordinator for each English Summer Fun programme.
  • Schedule: Summer Fun programmes are a weekly activity that Kids&Us offers over the school holidays.
  • Times: Summer Fun times can be consulted in the promotional material.

For further information please ask at your Kids&Us school. 

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