Theatre workshop in English

What is the objective of Kids&Theatre?

The plays and songs performed in this theatre workshop have been developed by the Kids&Us pedagogical team to ensure that they include the structures and vocabulary appropriate to the level of each participant. English becomes the lingua franca, not only in the finally play, but also in all the rehearsals prior to it. In this way, in addition to developing the children's creativity and imagination, we help them to expand their expressive resources (from their own gestures to vocal mastery when singing and linguistic fluency).

What does this workshop consist of?

Kids&Theatre is an extracurricular activity complementary to Kids&Us courses. The course consists of staging three musical plays at the end of each term.

Information on the theatre workshop

  • Ages: Aimed at children aged 4 to 7.
  • Calendar: contact your nearest school to find out where the workshop is held and when.
  • Workshop duration: 36 1-hour sessions (+6 additional sessions)

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