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École d'anglais pour enfants dès l'âge d'un an !

This is the beginning of a new adventure registrations are still possible. Contact us! Hannut@kidsandus.be / 019 51 55 98

Our team

Our priority is to find the people who will be able to teach and motivate children to learn English, who will connect with them and show empathy towards the little ones. A great command of English, dynamism, professionalism, empathy and a major motivation for their work. These are the main characteristics of our team of teachers. Let us introduce them to you:


Teacher: Marcia / Pam & Paul / Animal Planet 1 / T&T


Teacher : Babies


Teacher: Sam / Emma / Marcia


Teacher : Oliver / Ben & Brenda

Marie Claire

Coordinator / Teacher = Emma, T&T


Kids&Us Hannut

School address
Rue Albert 1er, 5 Hannut
4280 Hannut - Liège/Luik
BE , 019 51 55 98
School director
Delphine Didier

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