English for babies from 2 years old


Through games and songs, Linda the funny little mouse and her friend Bunny will guide two and three-year-old children as they discover the names of everyday objects in English in situations that they are familiar with. Learning will follow the same process as in their mother tongue, so everything will be very natural.  

Course objectives:

The moment when the boys and girls first start to speak their mother tongue is also the perfect moment to begin with a second language. This way, learning will follow the same process and be much more natural. During the course, the two-year-olds will discover that everything that surrounds them and is familiar to them also has a name in English; parts of the body, colours, shapes... They will begin to join words together to form simple sentences and all this will be achieved through activities that strengthen their imagination and are related to the environment that they know well in their mother tongue. They will learn songs in English and repeat certain words. This will enable much more natural pronunciation from the beginning.  

Class length:

45 minutes, once per week.

Number of students per class:

5 children, each of whom is accompanied by an adult during the first several weeks of the course.

The importance of the families:

During the first lessons, the role of the families is essential in order for the children to connect emotionally and affectively with the school, the teacher and Linda, their character and guide through the course. In addition, the families will see first-hand the importance of continuing with learning at home, listening to the audio tracks in English each day which we give the two-year-olds, and the extra activities that we suggest. 

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  • Kids&Us Linda student class
  • Kids&Us Linda student class
  • Kids&Us Linda student class
  • Kids&Us Linda student class

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