English for children from 5 years old


With the help of sweet little Oliver, the children will recreate everyday situations that they know well and will throw themselves into speaking English spontaneously and using more descriptive language.  

Course objectives:

Throughout the course, the five-year-olds will consolidate everything learnt up to now and will begin to express themselves in English with slightly more complicated constructions, as they will now have a more extensive English vocabulary. Through everyday stories, like losing a tooth, feeling ill and not being able to go to school or wanting to help mum and dad, the children will come into contact with past simple and present continuous structures. They will also understand how to use and form certain pronouns and prepositions in English. 

Class length:

60 minutes, once per week.

Number of students per class:

8 students per class.

The importance of listening to the story at home:

For the learning to be effective, it is important to dedicate time to working on English at home. By listening to stories, we begin to recognise certain sounds and syllables, a key step that prepares them for reading. 

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  • Kids&Us Oliver student class
  • Kids&Us Oliver student class
  • Kids&Us Oliver student class
  • Kids&Us Oliver student class
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