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Activities to do at home with children from 3 to 8 years old

Published 06/04/2020 by Kids&Us


Here is the schedule that we have put together for this week. If you prefer, you can also use the blank planner to keep track of chores, games, or meals for the week as a family. These days, we are all reorganising!

We have created the Stay at home with Kids&Us weekly content series to share with all families. Crafts, videos, songs, dance moves, recipes and various acitivities for children. We’re making everything we think could help to make these activities more readily available to the public. We’d like to encourage all the mothers and fathers out there to take advantage of this situation to do all different kinds of family activities at different times of the day.

We’ve made a schedule for this week that we’re sure you’ll love, with simply fun activities. Get ready, because every week we’ll give you new and original ideas. Don’t miss out!

Songs and dances in English for every time of day to make your routine fun

At Kids&Us we work on listening through audio files to develop global listening comprehension. Thanks to continuous exposure to clear and correct English, children develop their linguistic intuition by learning to distinguish what “sounds right” from what doesn’t. For this reason, we are sending you some fun songs that also reinforce the daily routines that are so necessary during this time.

We start the day singing the English song “Wake Up”!

No excuses! It’s time for another week and for waking up with good cheer and energy, so this time we suggest doing just that to the beat of the song “Wake Up”.

You can download the words at this link. Are you ready to learn them?

Wake up song

Dance and follow the moves to the song “Your Tribe”

We invite you to join the biggest tribe in the world: humanity. This tribe is multi-faceted and diverse and it’s united through a language, English, which makes communication and comprehension possible. Will you join us? Don’t miss this great song. Turn the volume up and dance!

You can download the words here so that you can sing along while you dance together as a family.

Your Tribe song

Start the day with the English song Good morning

How does it sound to wake up this week to the beat of Good morning? You already know that these days it’s super important to get up full of energy and good humour. We’re convinced that this song will help. Shall we sing together? You can download the lyrics  with this link.

Good morning song


We wash our hands to the beat of the Wash your hands song

These days the simple act of washing your hands is so important, so we’re sending you a simple but fun dance so you can do it as a family while learning the correct way to wash your hands. You can download the lyrics here so that you can sing along while you dance.

Wash your hands song

Start the day with the English song Ready, Steady, Go!

It’s important to get up cheerfully and with energy, so we suggest that you do it to the rhythm of the English song Ready, Steady, Go! We’re sure that this way you’ll face the rest of the day feeling better. Challenge: Do you think you can learn the words to the song by the end of the week? We bet you can!  

Ready, Steady, Go

Here are the lyrics to the song so you can sing along

Let’s do the dance to Paint the World

Shall we dance? We are sending you some energetic dance moves. Sing and dance along to the English song Paint the World with your children. It’s a song full of positive energy and fantasy. Guaranteed fun!

Watch the video with the dance moves here.

Here are the lyrics to the song so you can sing along

Cooking and craft activities for children from 3 to 8 years old

We encourage you to have a nice time with your sons and daughters doing simple crafts and/or making simple recipes that have the added benefit of improving their concentration abilities and motor skills. These activities are the perfect excuse to get the whole family together and let your imaginations run wild.

Cooking fun devilled eggs with children

This week we are recommending a recipe for making some simple, nutritious devilled eggs, and decorating them in a fun way. Don’t miss our delicious recipe here.  

Cook simple mini pizzas with your sons and daughters

Let’s get cooking! It’s time to use your culinary skills to make an easy and fun recipe: mini pizzas! A great idea for snack time, for example.

Download the recipe here

Make some delicious chocolate cookies with children  

Chocolate is a necessity any day of the week, right? We’ll teach you how to make some simple chocolate and peanut cookies. It’s an easy recipe to make with your sons and daughters. They will love it. Careful not to eat all the chocolate before you make the cookies! You can download the recipe here.

Make a delicious apple and grape fruit salad with your sons and daughters

We are giving you the perfect recipe for these days at home. It’s easy, refreshing and super healthy! All you need are some apples, grapes and walnuts.

Download the recipe here.

Easter crafts

Easter is coming, and even if you’re spending it at home, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some family fun and throw a little Easter party. We’re giving you two fun, creative craft ideas to do with your boys and girls. Who said staying home during Easter week wouldn’t be fun. Shall we have a look?

Make your own Easter bunnies 

It’s time to recycle, get resourceful and use all the materials that maybe you normally would have thrown away. And now that it’s Easter week, we think you should celebrate by creating fun, adorable Easter bunnies with a cardboard roll. Simple and impressive, right?


Paint paper Easter eggs with pom-poms.

With some sheets of paper, a little paint, some pom-poms, and lots of imagination you can make some simple Easter eggs to decorate your house.


Let’s play and learn emotions and states in English with Gina Ginger

During these days when emotions are running high, we are bringing you a game so that you can work on emotions and states with your little ones. We invite you to download this game for children from Gina Ginger Sleep Fairy so that children from 5 to 7 years old can learn new terminology and expressions about different moods and states. Below, we’ll tell you how to play:

Download the document and print two copies, on white paper if possible.

Cut out the shapes with the facial expressions and stick them to the cards with Gina’s blank face.

While you are sticking the faces on the cards, encourage your sons and daughters to describe them out loud: “Gina is angry”, “Gina is asleep”, and “Gina is sad” …

Cut out the cards and put them face down on the table. You’ll have a great time finding all of the matches. You can download the game at this link.

Gina Ginger is one of the most beloved characters from our publishing collection, which is comprised of a wide range of products that our boys and girls can use to keep in contact with English beyond the classroom.  There are not only stories and games, but also our special Talking Pen and our Listen&Touch activity books that provide practice for everything learned in class with over 40 activities. Discover our publishing collection here.

Transform into a real Egyptian

Costumes are always a good way to have fun. We’ll show you how to create Egyptian necklaces with a paper plate and not much more. Don’t miss this craft and turn yourself into an actual Pharaoh from Ancient Egypt!  


Create fun fairies

You can create little fairies with wooden toothpicks, coloured paper, and lots of imagination. Make a few of them and think up your own fairy tale with this pretty craft.   


Let’s play and learn the numbers in English with our friend Betty Sheep

Once again, this very nice little sheep is the star of a new memory game where you can learn the numbers from 1 to 6 in English as well as new vocabulary.

Download the file and print it on white paper. The first few days we recommend playing with black and white pictures. Cut out the game pieces and put them on the table face up. Separate the cards with numbers and put them in a pile face down. Your child should pick a number card and say it (if necessary, with your help), for example “It’s number 6,” and then ask them find the matching pair with six items. You can do this by asking “How many + name of item + are there?” while showing them several cards, until the child finds the correct one. You can also help them by saying something like “Find 6 footprints” and having them say “Here!” when they find what you asked for. Go ahead and play!

Download the game with this link.


Make a super propeller car with recycled materials.

Can you imagine powering a car with just a balloon? Don’t miss this fun and easy craft that will make you the fastest one on the racetrack!

Link to video.

Make some scary spiders with recycled materials.

We’re suggesting some hairy, scary spiders made with recycled materials. All you need are some cardboard egg cartons and lots of imagination.

Link to video

Learn the colours with Betty Sheep and download a fun memory game.

Do you know Betty Sheep? This nice little sheep is the star of some of the Kids&Us adventures. You’re invited to play this simple memory game.

Download the file and print it on white paper. Before you cut out the cards, colour in Betty Sheep together using the same colour for two of the sheep. We suggest starting with white, black, red and yellow, and later choosing two more colours. Once you’ve coloured them you can cut them out. Let the games begin!


Cartoons in English for boys and girls from 3 to 8 years old

Cartoons in English are a fantastic tool that parents can use to provide children with intense exposure to the language at home. The advantages of getting the little ones used to watching their favourite cartoons in English are numerous, but the main one is that we are taking advantage of the fact that they are at an age where their brains are more receptive to learning languages.

10 minutes of English a day is one of the best habits you can start to reinforce language learning in your sons and daughters.

Shall we begin?

Gina Ginger – April Fools

Do you know about April Fools’ Day? It’s the day when people from almost all over the world, especially countries like the United Kingdom and the United States, let their imaginations run wild and play jokes on everyone around them. Nowadays this day is celebrated in over 20 countries around the world. In this new episode of Gina Ginger, you can see how much fun she and her friend Charlie have playing jokes on each other and, as always, with very special help. We’re sure that it’ll give you some great ideas to carry out with your family. Laughs guaranteed.

Link to video

Gina Ginger – Sick Day

This week Gina Ginger is sick- she has chickenpox and she thinks it will be the most boring day of her life. But then, someone very special comes to help take care of her and make her day fun. Don’t miss this new episode!  


Gina Ginger and chores.

What is your son or daughter’s favourite chore? Setting the table? Washing the dishes? Tidying their bedroom? Gina and Charlie don’t like helping around the house very much, but luckily someone very special is going to teach them that sometimes these chores can be fun. Shall we watch?

Link to video.

And if you are interested, we have organised these activities on a colourful weekly calendar that you can download below. We hope you enjoy it!

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