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“Born to be Me”, the new Kids&Us campaign for the 2022-2023 school year, is here

Published 25/04/2022 by Kids&Us

Some were born to sing, others to teach, others to tell stories, but all of us, absolutely all of us, were born with a purpose in life, an engine that moves us and drives us to improve ourselves and to continue learning day after day. You don't need to be the best, a leader or the standard in your field; the important thing is to set your own standards.

Introducing “Born to be Me”, the new Kids&Us campaign that bears witness to our commitment to children around the world and is also a reflection of our raison d'être: that all children learn meaningful English, in an environment of vital and meaningful educational experiences that act as a true vehicle to explore the world, and transform it, if that is their purpose.

This campaign showcases children's potential for growth, their ability to empower themselves and how they prepare to live and explore the world. At Kids&Us, English is adapted to the children's lives to boost and enrich them so that they can become what they want to be and fulfil their purpose, whatever it may be. Because all of us, big and small, have something that moves us, and that is where the name of our campaign comes from: “Born to be Me”.

Kids&Us and our method

At Kids&Us we teach the meaning of English and we do it in English; we accompany our students on their path to maturity because we are convinced that learning with meaning is a fundamental right of children. Kids&Us was born with the intention of changing the world of learning English and turning it into a unique and comprehensive experience, and it did so with the firm will to make a difference. This is how Natural English was created, a methodology that not only allows children to learn English as they learn their mother tongue, in a spontaneous and natural way, but also takes into account their emotions and turns them into a means through which to learn in a meaningful way.

And once again, we have translated our purpose and our defining engine of transformation into our annual campaign. “Born to be Me” is a fun and colourful campaign inspired by pop-rock culture, music and the need for children to express themselves. And, as always, it stars our students. We hope you like it as much as we do!

The “Born to be Me” campaign is made by and for children, enjoy it!


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