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Gina Ginger and the Food Fairy

5-7 years old


Original idea: Natàlia Perarnau
Illustrations: Susanna Sala                                
Number of pages: 30


READ ME A STORY COLLECTION: Like most children, Gina can be a fussy eater. In our new storybook, Gina complains to the food fairy that her food is boring. The Food Fairy has a little fun with Gina explaining how different flavours can make your food fun.

However, Gina is not impressed and insists that she not only would like her food to be fun but tasty too. The Food Fairy comes up with a great idea and helps Gina’s parents prepare fun and tasty recipes.

Keep on reading to discover a fun and tasty recipe that you can try at home too. Find the hidden sound spots on each page to make this story even more entertaining.

Pedagogical content

With Gina and the Food Fairy, children will be introduced to the vocabulary associated with food and the kitchen.


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